Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day…

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day everyone!!!

To fully appreciate these furry little critters- you should watch this.
To show my appreciation for squirrels, I got one of these…just kidding
Have a good one!!!


Ha! Now that’s funny! Welcome to the community, Perk. Hope to catch you in action when you come to the Cell this summer!

That squirrel looks suspect somehow, just can’t put my finger on it….Welcome to the blogs and best of luck getting those padded seats somewhere in the dugout!

Haha! That’s very interesting. Welcome to MLBLOGS!

Just thought I’d say that I enjoyed see you (and Gardy and Vavra) in Fergus Falls during your caravan. I hope the pancakes were to your liking! I’m looking forward to watching (and blogging about) you and the rest of the Twins this year, as always!

Very funny! Welcome to MLBlogs! Good luck this season!


Like the squirrel!!!


I didn’t know that it was Squirrel Day! Maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence that I was distracted by one during my APUSH class. Welcome to MLBlogs, and can’t wait to watch you pitch!

Thanks for the reminder not to drink and climb trees. It?s so hard to remember that one.🙂 Welcome to the blog world! I?m looking forward to your posts and seeing the Twins playing the Cardinals this year.


Squirrels are nice, except when they eat your tupperware.

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